The best way to study abroad in the era of untact.

1. Study ALONG 
the us curriculum 
BY a native teacher

APITREE uses official online content approved by the US Department of Education (AdvancED). You can learn more than just English through lectures by native-speaking teachers.

The University of Iowa


Language is based on the knowledge and culture of the language users. Unlike students studying English for the exam in their mother tongue, International students acquire knowledge and experience culture in English. APITREE learns math, science, and even culture in English.

Key Features

U.S. public education is rapidly becoming digitized due to the U.S. government's policy to promote digitization of the curriculum. A growing number of American students are learning subjects that fit their level with online textbooks instead of paper textbooks. One-on-one personalized coaching with talented instructors without processing the online textbooks the most American children learn! Apitree School is a “customized study abroad in the United States” leaving my room.

U.S. public
education contents

The contents of a leading US education company that provides customized learning contents to 10,000 schools in 50 states and more than 5.2 million elementary, middle, and high school students.

Professional teachers

Apitree faculty consisting of teachers capable of professional teaching on American textbooks.


Innovative learning feedback through speaking prescriptions.

1:4 Global cultural exchange through global group classes


The most effective training is one-on-one. All of APITREE's courses are basically one-on-one, so a completely customized education is possible regardless of the level of the students.


Increase engagement and reduce cognitive load with Guided Notes. See how Guided Notes are designed to help students take a more active role in their learning.


Apitree provides a full suite of supplemental and core curriculum solutions for grades K through 12 that give educators more ways to manage and customize their programs, and students the personalization and engagement they need to succeed.

Age-appropriate instruction 
that helps students catch up, keep up, and get ahead

Engaging on-screen instructional videos teach students about a skill or concept. Students are presented with examples, modeling, and real-world contexts in a dynamic and fun environment.

Students then have the opportunity to practice the skill they were just taught. Scaffolds like hints and reteaching help students become competent at the skill without getting frustrated.

As students work through an activity, the supports and help they receive are reduced, so they can work more on their own. Students still receive immediate feedback if they make a mistake, but the feedback becomes more limited in scope.

Activity quizzes and unit tests inform continuous feedback for students and teachers. This way, if additional intervention is needed, educators are immediately notified so the student isn’t stuck in a loop of frustration and can accelerate forward.

Prepare Your Students for College 
and Career Success

The path to graduation isn’t the same for every student, so give your students more flexibility, support, and options with online learning. Edgenuity offers a wide variety of online courses and learning solutions to help you meet the unique needs of all of your students and keep them on track for both graduation and future success.

Digital learning built to help your students thrive

Our engaging core curriculum, world language, CTE, and elective courses are designed to help students in grades 6–12 meet the challenge of Common Core and state standards, as well as your state’s graduation requirements. Rigorous, interactive courses keep students focused on the content they need to learn, which is designed to foster the advanced critical thinking and analytical skills they will need in post-secondary education. Our courses can be used for initial credit or credit recovery as well as content or concept recovery in order to ensure subject-area mastery.

PRIVATE class?

All students should study at a level that suits them. Apitree teaches at a level that suits each student through one-on-one lessons. In particular, the SCHOOL course is a course where you can receive private tutoring with native teachers and American textbooks.

2. communicate WITH

Apitree English does not stop at simply acquiring knowledge. We conduct 1:4 classes so that students from 4 countries can communicate with each other and exchange cultures. Board the best education in the global era!

only available in apitree

One-on-four Global Group Class is Apitree's special class that no other online English education offers.

Global group class

All APITREE students hold a global group class once a week with students from 4 countries. Students can communicate with their peers and develop real English skills.

Until everyone speaks
English freely

Apitree English dreams of a world where everyone speaks their opinions freely in English. Global group classes develop students' ability to express arguments and provide evidence beyond simple communication.

apitree pARTNERS

Online educational institutions with Apitree.


In Apitree's SP program, the teacher records the student's speaking test process as a video In order to analyse and improve the weak parts by detailed analysis and providing a prescription. This is Apitree's specialized speaker- intensive program. Through the SP program, students self-check their English proficiency and By performing detailed error correction, you can create your own speaking pattern and You can increase your speaking skills in a short period of time.

grammatical error
good expression

A feedback-driven learning method that analyzes causes

The SP program precisely analyzes every sentence spoken by a student according to nine criteria. Students can get accurate feedback on the English sentences they speak, so they can improve their English. All content is saved as a video, and evaluation is also provided as subtitles within the video.



It was nice to be able to study as an American public education course. While studying English in Korea, there were many things that were lacking, but I was satisfied to learn from professional native-speaking teachers. With APITREE, I was able to learn more than English.



While studying English, I wanted to get along with students from other countries and experience new cultures. So I chose Apitree. 
The great thing about Apitree is that it is equipped with a system so that students can study independently and the talented teachers Conduct the class. Also passion Full and friendly, whenever you have a question You were always actively helping. I was satisfied with everything.



Mother's Review
I was worried that my child would lose my concentration compared to the class I went to the academy. Both the content used and the content used in the self-study before and after class I think it is good because it is composed of content that you will like. And my couple Because it is double-income, the child has to study alone at home. I am also satisfied with the way I do it myself.


Edgenuity used by Apitree Edu is an annual award-winning service in the global edutech field.